Media Usage Rights Acquisition and lost downloads

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  • Message 1. Posted by parcifal (U9258257) on Thursday, 9th August 2007 permalink

    I have trawled other posts as I was faced with "Security Update Required". Resetting the DRM folder appeared to do the trick and I downloaded a Proms night.

    Now I am faced with yet another hurdle - I am logged in, I have confirmed I am who I say I am, I have confirmed the latest version of WM11.

    When I pressed "Play", two things happened:
    Firstly, I was directed to the BBC website as apparrently I don't have Media Usage Rights Acquistiion - "You do not have the licence to play this file".
    Secondly, the downloaded file disappeared.

    The experience of trying this Beta version of iPlayer is a challenge! Any ideas why I am still unable to watch either of the two files I have downloaded - the other was an episoed of Empathy. Incidentally, I want to delte that file but checking the box doesn't appear to do it!?

    Thoroughly confused and willing to take whatever advice is circulating. Apologies if I have missed a thread that answers my experience, but I have not seen an answer yet.


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