falsefalse2colcomplain.gif#000000radioBBC iPlayermbiplayer/mbiplayer Catch up on the last 7 days of BBC TV & Radio about BBC iPlayermb_iplayer.css0To create paragraphs, just press Return on your keyboard when needed.If you are satisfied with your message, proceed by clicking on Post message.Write a short snappy title to kick off a discussion. e.g. What's the best gig you've been to?1banner_iplayer.gifHomeHelp and FAQMessageboardhttp://ops-dev14.national.core.bbc.co.uk/dnaimages/iplayer/dna_messageboard/http://www.bbc.co.uk/dnaimages/iplayer/dna_messageboard/01068228390057001062Service updates7331803861071228390327001067Suggestions7331806104701132260954587001128General Discussion8035762266341396524289817001391TV13735683111871397524289907001392Radio137356846335NoAutoSwitchingAllowed1h2g2A218206NARTHUR8125CCBot/2.0 (http://commoncrawl.org/faq/)plain170mbiplayermbiplayer02551mbiplayermbiplayer1comment02551170ForumPostFreq1800Number of seconds that must elapse before a user can post again70GeneralIsMessageboard11Set if this site is a messageboard70GeneralSiteType20The type of a site: '0' - Undefined; '1' - Blog; '2' - Messageboard; '3' - Community - h2g2, memoryshare, 606; '4' - EmbeddedComments; '5' - Tweet Modules70ModerationCloseThreadOnHideFirstPost11If set this option will automatically close a thread on hiding or failing the first post. Reinstating the post will re-open the thread.70ModerationDistressMsgUserId9539970Allows distress messages to be authored with the given user Id.70ModerationProcessPreMod11Set this if premod posts are only to appear after they have been moderated.1ArticleSearchCacheTime100Sets the length of time in minutes that article searches are cached for.1ArticleSearchDefaultShow200The default number articles to show for article search1ArticleSearchFastFreetextSearch11Use the Fast freetext search. Only articles that have ALL the search terms are returned. It uses the freetext search engine weightings to order the results by relevance.1ArticleSearchGenerateHotlist01The flag to say whether to generate the hotlist for article search or not1ArticleSearchGeneratePopularPhrases01Generate Popular Phrases from Search Results.1CacheHTMLCaching01Turns HTML caching on for this site1CacheHTMLCachingExpiryTime00HTML cache files expire after this many seconds1CategoryIncludeCloseMembers01Set if you want the CLOSEMEMBERS section inside the HIERARCHYDETAILS tag on category pages1CommentForumAllowNegativeRatings11Display negative rating element.1CommentForumAllowNotSignedInCommenting01Whether comment forums can be used with non-signed in users.1CommentForumAllowNotSignedInRating01Whether users must be logged into rate a comment.1CommentForumDefaultDuration3650The default number of days the forum will open for, after which it automatically closes1CommentForumDefaultShow1000The default number comments to show for comment forums1CommentForumEnforceSecurePosting00Enforces the postings to comments api1CommentForumMaxCommentCharacterLength00Sets the maximum character length for a comment post - 0 denotes no limit1CommentForumMaxForumRatingScore50Sets the maximum score for a rating1CommentForumMinCommentCharacterLength00Sets the minimum character length for a comment post - 0 denotes no limit1CommentForumUseIDV411Whether to user ID V4 in UI1ForumArticleAuthorCanCloseThreads01Set if article author has the ability to close threads on articles forum1ForumAscendingGuestbookOrder01Does site want ascending guestbook post ordering1ForumEmailAddressFilter01Set if this site requires post email filtering1ForumEnableSearch01Whether to show search links or not1ForumEnableStickyThreads11Turns on and off sticky thread functionality1ForumPostLimit00Limit the number of posts per thread. Thread closed when limit reached. ( 0 - No limit. Only effects threads where parent forum is not associated with editors article. )1GeneralAllowOwnerHiding01Set if this site is going to allow Owners to Hide another users comments1GeneralAllowRobots01Enable this option to allow search engine robots to discover and index Thread and Multi post pages on a site.1GeneralArticleKeyPhrases01Set if site has articles with key phrases.1GeneralBarlequeMessageboard01Enable this if your site is based on the new barleque messageboard skins1GeneralCheckUserNameSet01Set if you want to check to see if the user has not set their username/nickname yet.1GeneralComplaintUrlhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/[sitename]/comments/UserComplaintPage?PostID=[postid]&s_start=12Custom url for complaint process of that site - uses replacements1GeneralCustomBarlesquePath2The path to the custom Barlesque location to be used for this site1GeneralFrontPageLocation2The builder or url for the application frontpage.1GeneralIsKidsSite01Set this option to ON if this site is a Kids site. OFF represents an Adult site.1GeneralIsURLFiltered01Set if this site is to be url filtered1GeneralMothBallSite01Displays a mothball banner when set.1GeneralRTLSite01Site language is right-to-left. HTML will be used for emails1GeneralSendEmailsViaDatabaseQueue01Set ON if emails should be sent via the database queue1GeneralSiteIsPrivate01If true, this site's content won't get pulled out on lists in any other site1GeneralSiteLanguageen2See currently supported codes at https://confluence.dev.bbc.co.uk/display/DNA/Supported+Language+Codes1GeneralThreadKeyPhrases01Set if site has threads with key phrases1GeneralUseAtosEmailIngester01Set ON if the site uses the Atos(WatchDog) Email Ingest system for Contact Forms1GeneralUseSystemMessages01Set if this site is going to use system messages1GuideEntriesArticleDailyLimit00Limit the number of articles a user may create on a daily basis ( 0 - no limit )1GuideEntriesIncludeBookmarkCount01Set if the Guide Entry XML should include the Bookmark Count.1GuideEntriesInclusiveDateRange11Set to true user inputted date range is inclusive. e.g. if user input 01/09/1975 - 02/09/1975 then they mean 2 days 01/09/1975 00:00 to 03/09/1975 00:001KeyPhrasesDelimiterToken2The character you want to use to delimit phrases. i.e. " " (Space)1KeyPhrasesReturnInCategoryList01Allows key phrase data to be returned in the Category Lists.1MediaAssetAllowExternalLinks01Set if this site is going to allow media assets with external links1MediaAssetReturnInCategoryList01Set to include Media Assets in category/hierarchy listings.1ModerationCustomHouseRuleURL2Url to custom url for house rules within comments, empty means default.1ModerationDoNotSendEmail01Do not send an email when failing a message on a comments site. Editorial failing of messages.1ModerationExternalCommentQueuedExpiryTime-10The time (in minutes) an external comment (e.g. tweet) will stay in the moderation queue before automatically being removed1ModerationMaxItemsInPriorityModeration500The maximum number of moderated items before forum removed from priority moderation - 0 means never.1ModerationNicknameModerationStatus000 - Nicknames Unmoderated, 1 - Nicknames PostModerated, 2 - Nicknames Premoderated1ModerationPreModerateNewDiscussions01Set if first post of new discussion should be premoderated.1ModerationSetNewUsersNickNames11This option sets all new users nicknames to their login name. Turning this off will result in the users name being set to U#####. The nickname will not be placed in the moderation queue.1PersonalSpaceIncludeClubs11Set if information on club membership and club activity is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeContentFromOtherSites11Set if site includes content from other sites ( Posts Only )1PersonalSpaceIncludeJournal11Set if user journals are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeLinks01Set if links (aka clippings) are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeNoticeboard11Set if noticeboard is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludePostcoder11Set if postcoder information is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludePrivateForums11Set if private forum is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeRecentArticlesOfSubscribedToUsers01Include recent articles written by users who have been subscribed to on personal space.1PersonalSpaceIncludeRecentComments01Set if user comments are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeRecentGuideEntries11Set if users recently written or approved GuideEntryies are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeRecentPosts11Set if recent posts are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeSiteOptions11Set if siteoptions are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeTaggedNodes11Set if nodes the user is tagged to are to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeUploads11Set if information on uploads is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeUsersGuideEntry11Set if user guide entry (homepage) is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeUsersGuideEntryForum11Set if users public message forum is to be included in personal spaces.1PersonalSpaceIncludeWatchInfo11Set if information on watched and watching users is to be included in personal spaces.1ProlificScribeLevel010The number of solo edited entries to get Level 0 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel0GroupProlificScribe02The group denoting Level 0 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel1250The number of solo edited entries to get Level 1 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel1GroupProlificScribe12The group denoting Level 1 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel2500The number of solo edited entries to get Level 2 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel2GroupProlificScribe22The group denoting Level 2 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel3750The number of solo edited entries to get Level 3 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel3GroupProlificScribe32The group denoting Level 3 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel41000The number of solo edited entries to get Level 4 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel4GroupProlificScribe42The group denoting Level 4 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel51500The number of solo edited entries to get Level 5 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel5GroupProlificScribe52The group denoting Level 5 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel62000The number of solo edited entries to get Level 6 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel6GroupProlificScribe62The group denoting Level 6 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel72500The number of solo edited entries to get Level 7 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel7GroupProlificScribe72The group denoting Level 7 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel83000The number of solo edited entries to get Level 8 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel8GroupProlificScribe82The group denoting Level 8 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel93500The number of solo edited entries to get Level 9 ProlificScribe status.1ProlificScribeLevel9GroupProlificScribe92The group denoting Level 9 ProlificScribe status.1SignInCollectExtraDetails2Set the policy for collecting extra user details1SignInUseIdentitySignIn11Set this option to ON if you want to use Identity as the Sign In System. OFF will fallback to using the SSO system.1SNeS IntegrationContentPermaUrl2Format of the permalink - supports {forumid}, {threadid}, {postid}, {sitename}, {parenturl} and {commentforumuid} - empty means standard dna url1SNeS IntegrationCustomActivityType2ActivityType sent through to SNeS - empty uses default value for type of content1SNeS IntegrationEnabled01Whether to propogate content to SNeS - note SiteIsPrivate is also honoured1SNeS IntegrationObjectUriFormatbbc:dna:{forumid}:{threadid}:{postid}2Format of the object URI sent to SNeS - supports {forumid}, {threadid}, {postid}, {sitename}, {parenturl} and {commentforumuid}1UserAutoGeneratedNames2Set this to the URL of the API that generates the names1UserPostCountThreshold00Set this value to specify the number of posts a user must submit before leaving the automatic premod state after joining a site1UserPreModDuration00Set this value to specify the number of minutes a user is automatically in premod after joining a site. PostCountThreshold overrides this value1UserUseSiteSuffix01Set this for sites that use SiteSuffix instead of Username1ZeitgeistAddResponseToVote-IncrementAuthor01AddResponseToVote can increment either the voter or the author of the item being voted on. Control which with this site option.1ZeitgeistUseZeitgeist01Does site use zeitgeist?

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